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Our Process

From Thought To Finish

Discovery: Needs & Goals

We’ll work closely with you — by phone, Zoom, email and/or in-person — to determine exactly what you expect to achieve with your project.


The majority of our assignments come from clients who have broad ideas about their needs and goals, but lack detailed drawings and specifications.

Team Meetings

After our initial conversations, we’ll present your project to our leadership team for input, offering you any follow-up recommendations that come from our discussions.

Engineered Drawings

Once we’ve agreed on your needs and objectives, we’ll produce preliminary drawings — which we’ll review with you, then follow-up with any requested revisions and additions.

Budgeting & Scheduling

We’ll submit material specifications to our supplier network for pricing and delivery dates, then offer you a written proposal detailing your project’s cost and anticipated production schedule.

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Onsite Measurements

For projects installed in precisely-defined settings, we’ll dispatch a team leader to measure every minute detail and dimension — ensuring a perfect fit in the space.


Advanced Medical & Metals meets deadlines as consistently as any company in the industry. Just as importantly, we’ll keep you informed of your project’s progress at every step — particularly when we’re confronted with unforeseen supply chain delays. You have our word on it.

Delivery, Installation

Our team takes as much pride in project installation as we do in design and production — both on a technical and personal level. Our guys genuinely enjoy working with customers, ensuring you're completely satisfied with every aspect of our work — and with us.


When a product needs shipping but not installation, we’ll photograph every square inch, inside and out, before it leaves our hands — giving you all the evidence you’d need, in case you have any concerns about the treatment it receives in transit.

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